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A New York City couple take a getaway trip to Texas, but they unknowingly cross paths with the wrong kind of people.

Dangerous Ones (2022)

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The following reviews are from industry professionals sourced through Slated Analytics. The reviewers have years of experience in the film industry, have worked for Oscar-nominated production companies, an Emmy-winning production company with a deal at HBO, assistant to the chairman of a major studio, production for Universal Television, and various literary and sales companies.

"Overall, the film is emotional and exciting throughout..."

"The film effectively establishes the tone of both New York City and Texas."

"Dangerous Ones is a tension-filled thriller driven by captivating characters."

"Ultimately, it feels capable, confident, and professional."

"Immediately gripping."

"Manages to entertain throughout."

"The stakes are high for all involved."

"The opening is compelling and the characters are so intriguing, it's hard not to want to know more."

"Ricky Smiley and Gena West are mesmerizing... truly unsettling."

"There's an immediate sense of danger."

"A constant reminder of the unknown dangers lurking behind the scenes."

"The serene setting helps to create a false sense of security for the protagonists and dread for the observer always waiting for something unexpected to happen."

"The fight scenes are riveting."

"This crime thriller anchors its intense, gripping sequences with a likeable, interesting central duo."

"Lauren McDonald and Joshua Logan Alexander deliver engaging, believable performances."

"Subtext-rich, naturalistic dialogue bolsters the character drama."

"There's a strong visual component complementing both the character drama and crime thriller elements."

"Genuinely impressive moments of action choreography and drama editing."

"Dangerous Ones is positioned to be an exciting yet thoughtful entry in the crime drama thriller genre."

"Dialogue is a notable strength of Dangerous Ones."

"The elements for an exciting crime thriller and moving relationship drama are present."

"Suspense is developed to a fever pitch during many of the crime thriller scenes."

"Lauren McDonald and Joshua Logan Alexander feel immersed in their roles and bring warmth and chemistry."

"Incredibly well-choreographed fight sequences..."

                                                                                                    - Slated Analytics

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